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We have all heard about the “prairie pot holes”( ) or the “duck factory” this is a well-known area for duck breading and has gotten a lot of attention over the years One day I got comparing the province of Ontario to the “pot hole region” I discovered Ontario had more land 1,076,395 square km (415598 sq mi ) ( ) the pot hole region has 715,000 km2 (276,000 sq mi) ( ) With Ontario’s lakes and water bodies being more stable with less change in water levels Yet Ontario was not producing the ducks the pot holes were WHY?? The short answer ,,,,,,,, Predators After doing a great deal of research and comparing Ontario to the “prairie pot holes region”. The reason Ontario is not producing the ducks the pot hole region is. Poor nesting locations and predators getting the eggs before they even hatch The solution ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Artificial nesting structures with predator guards With the use of nesting structures the duckling hatch can be improved from hens loosing complete nests and producing no ducklings that season, to hens hatching as much as %100 egg hatch .